Are you an entrepreneur, owner of a small business, or an “intrapreneur” who once had a passion for your business, but lately feel as though you are only “dwelling” in your business? You go to work every day and carry out your responsibilities for the day, but end up feeling as though you have only bought yourself a job, and you are no longer on your way to realizing the dream you once had? Maybe you never chose an Exit Strategy, one of the most crucial decisions any business owner must make. Your Exit Strategy drives all the decisions that pertain to your business. Once you’ve chosen an Exit Strategy, implementing the plans that will help you attain that strategy requires commitment, focus, and hard work, and perhaps that’s why you are now only “dwelling” in your business. As a Business Coach, one of my primary responsibilities is to make sure that my clients never become “dwellers”!

You wouldn't expect to become a great golfer or a great tennis player without a coach. So why expect to become a successful entrepreneur without the proper coaching? Your business is one of the most important aspects of your life, so don't leave its success to chance. Using the services of a good coach will improve your Business Game.

At Hylander we combine the skills of a successful entrepreneur with the experience of a seasoned hockey coach and former flight instructor in order to provide a unique service: business and executive coaching . A good coach must teach you the techniques needed to be both successful and motivated. A good coach has the tools to assist you in achieving what he has already accomplished --winning and being successful. A good coach will help you avoid the pitfalls that might otherwise stand in your way. Our advice is straight and simple, no nonsense, based on years of experience, and therefore as valuable as your dream or idea.

Our Enterprise - Why would you need a coach?

  • Assist in development and introduction of new products and establish sales call formats and protocols
  • Facilitate better time management
  • Improve organizational and communication skills
  • Collaborate on business strategies and planning
  • Provide training in improving leadership skills
  • Generate and implement new ideas
  • Develop line of succession plans
  • Assess and recommend solutions to trouble areas in personnel performance
  • Provide effective management and offer feedback
  • Assess and develop proposals on how to increase company profits
  • Develop copy for advertising, e-commerce websites and journal articles

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