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Hylander Management provides a comprehensive team approach that includes the following:

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We can insure that any text you plan to publish (web pages, signs, brochures, articles, other forms of advertising, etc.) is free from spelling, punctuation, and usage errors that would reflect in a negative way on you and your business. We provide Fresh Eyes© for both printed and electronic copy. Click proofreader to contact us.

Participant in Florida Atlantic University Entrepreneurial Programs.
Participant in Texas Tech University Entrepreneurial Programs.

Jay Berkowitz, Ten Golden Rules, Digital Management
Zephora Haddon, Namami
Logan Rae, Argon Agency
Stephen Garber, Third Level, Executive Coaching and Leadership Team Development,
Cindy Victor, attorney specializing in intellectual property,
Matthew Walker, attorney specializing insurance and contract law
Greg Moss Design, a full-service graphics and website design company,
Market Research Services provided by:

Contact: Ron Cocquyt

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